Repairs at Cojali

Steps before proceeding to the request of RGA

Before sending the unit for repairs, there are several things you can check:

  1. First, make sure that the USB port is not damaged. If there are components missing or it moves when plugging in the USB cable, contact our customer support department at
  2. If the USB port looks undamaged, check if the unit is being supplied with power (check the POWER light on the back of the box) from the USB port by connecting the USB cable. If it is not receiving power, try using a different USB cable and plugging it in a different USB port on your laptop/tablet. If there is still no power, please contact our customer support department.
  3. If the power light is on, and you are getting an error when trying to connect to a vehicle or vessel (error 006, 007, 022, etc.), please disconnect the unit from the laptop and the truck, leave it disconnected for two minutes, and plug it in again. Make sure all windows updates have been installed, and if the problem persists, please contact our customer support department.

Return of the equipment process

If it’s been determined that your unit needs to be repaired, an RGA number will be provided.

Please fill the following form out with your company information and the RGA number provided and ship the unit to:

Cojali USA, Inc.
2200 NW 102nd Avenue #4b
Doral, FL 33172



After receiving the unit at our location, our technicians will determine the cause of the fault and repair the unit in 24-48 hours. If the damage to the unit is extensive or the unit cannot be fixed, we will get in contact with you to inform you of this and the possible courses of action.

Using our return label

If you wish to use your account to take advantage of negotiated rates instead of the UPS/FEDEX Standard Rates the Cojali’s offers then you will need to include a return label with your shipment. Note: normally applies to NDA (Next Day Air) shipments.

Warranty Information

All units come with a one year warranty for factory defects (defects in materials, manufacture or assembly) and the warranty shall consist on the repairing or replacement of the items that have been recognized as defective.

The repair or replacement of a defective item does not change the start date of the warranty period of the whole product, which will be of one year,

Under no circumstances shall the COJALI USA be responsible for the repairs carried out by staff not belonging to its organization nor of any unit that has been manipulated by people outside of COJALI USA.

Any damage to the unit or defects due to normal wear because of the use thereof will not be included in the warranty, as well as any damage and defects caused by negligence, beatings, misuse, inadequate preservation or maintenance, incorrect or defective assembling or installations, variations in the power quality (voltage, frequency, disturbances…), modifications made to the goods without the approval of the Seller, installations made without following the technical instructions of the goods, and in general, any cause that is not attributable to Cojali USA, Inc.

Cojali USA, Inc. is not responsible for any damages caused by its guaranteed products. That is, Cojali USA, Inc. is only responsible for the restitution of the damaged product.