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Jaltest – Cojali’s Diagnostics tool

Jaltest has been categorized as an authenticated tool by the FCA group for advanced diagnosis in vehicles with SGW module.FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) vehicles have been protected since 2018 with an SGW (Secure GateWay) security module to prevent unauthorized diagnosis processes and security attacks.This module limits the diagnostic functionalities without an authorized diagnostic tool such as bidirectional tests, DTC erasures and the rest of the functions necessary to perform the complete repair of a [...]

Cojali WorkBoat Marine Webinar

This past June, we were hosted by Work Boat for a Live Webinar where many who manages vessels maintenance and repairs discovered the functionalities and versatility of an All-Makes Marine diagnostics tool such as Jaltest.If you want to learn more about Jaltest Marine, this session will be very useful for you. Watch on-demand at what it was discussed you will find:How to perform dealer-level diagnostics on commercial vessels with only one tool.Step-by-step guides [...]

Podcast on Diesel Laptops

Cojali was hosted by the Diagnostics Podcast – The DL by Diesel Laptops. Tune in for listening to Bruno Gattamorta, VP of Sales at Cojali USA Inc., and Tyler Robertson, CEO of Diesel Laptops, while they talk about the origins of Cojali S. L., the product offering, and how life made us be a company that strives to solve problems for our customers and help them in their day-to-day. New offerings such as material [...]

Farm Equipment AGV Webinar

Cojali’s Agricultural Vehicles Team was hosted by Farm Equipment Magazine to introduce their audience COJALI USA and JALTEST. The subject of the day was: Repairing any Tractor is Now Possible thanks to Dealer Level Diagnostics Tools that anyone can purchase. For the many who joined live, it was a very interesting session. We encourage you to take some time for yourself and join the Demo from the comfort of your place. Find out what a [...] Interview- Bruno Gattamorta discusses diesel engine diagnostics

Downtime and unexpected repairs are both the Achilles’ heel of construction and rental companies. What does it take to have all the company’s machinery and equipment in good shape every time it’s needed?We are very excited to share with you the recent interview hosted by ForConstructionPros, American leader on News and Media for the construction industry where Bruno Gattamorta, VP of Sales and Marketing of Cojali USA talks about some of the most common issues that [...] Interview- Jaltest and the evolution of aftermarket Heavy Duty Diagnostics.

Our Vice President of Sales Bruno Gattamorta recently participated in an industry interview about the increased coverage and functionality of aftermarket heavy-duty diagnostic tools. Check it out on the latest episode of Vehicle Service Pros News - Uptime Update. The evolution of Aftermarket Diagnostics Tools has gone from generic code reading to bidirectional controls, reading everything on a proprietary level, being able to run parameters, speed calibrations, and much more. This provides all truck and [...]