Customer Service

Customer Service

Do you need help with Jaltest software updates, license management, or shipping? Cojali USA’s in-house team of Jaltest customer service professionals are here to offer all the information on Jaltest you may need.

New Products, Hardware, and Software Assistance

The staff will answer customer’s questions at any time, from improvements in the diagnostic equipment to new implementations in the software.

Device License Management & Activation Codes

Activation and update codes are essential for the Jaltest project. The Customer Service department will give those codes in a safe and quick way.

Update Release Mangement

Stay informed about the benefits of the software updates, the dates they will be available, and solve any possible issues with the Cojali USA Customer Service department.

Shipping Management

Since the moment of the purchase, you will be updated about the condition of your equipment and delivery date.

Software Update Innovations

The continuous advancement in the technology of vehicles requires a constant renovation of cables, computers (touch screen PC), documents, etc. The Cojali USA Customer Service department will keep you informed of all new developments and will help you access the improvements.

Special Offers and Promotions

We will keep you informed of any special offers and promotions available.

Invoices and Purchase Orders

Need help with a billing issue? Contact our Customer Service department for a quick resolution to keep you moving.