Cooling Systems

Did you know that Cojali started its business as a fan clutch repairer more than 30 years ago?

A lot has happened since then, but that background has definitely helped position Cojali as an international leader in cooling systems, working in two clear lines of action: aftermarket and OEM Solutions.

Commercial Vehicle, Agricultural Vehicle and Off-Highway Machinery Cooling Systems are developed from scratch. The whole process is covered in the same production facilities located in Spain. Everything from design, development and manufacturing.

As durability and reliability are key moving factors of all Cojali process, the assembly line for our Cooling Systems ends with a thorough quality test of every single piece made thanks to automatic testing benches of assembled products.

These processes make sure that the product you buy meets the demanding conditions that your vehicles face in its everyday work.

technician using machinery

You can find a whole range of products:

  • Fan clutches with electronic control
  • Fan clutches with pneumatic control
  • Plastic blades
  • Fans
  • Kits

Have a look at our best sellers – click on the images below for full-size:

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