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Jaltest 21.1 Innovations - US It's that time of the year again! Get ready because Jaltest 21.1, the newest Software version, is already here.

For your ease, we have broken down the session by project so you can jump off when you are done or fast-forward to the part that fits your interests:
- Software Innovations: minutes 3 – 12 approximately.
- Commercial Vehicles: minutes 12 – 22 approximately.
- Off-Highway Vehicles: minutes 22- 36 approximately.
- Agricultural Vehicles: minutes 22 to the end.

In an ever-evolving environment as is the diagnostics world, being up to date on innovations allows you to be at the forefront. Don't miss out!
3/16/202111:00am EDT1 hour
Dealer level diagnostics on a New Holland T7 Series - US Jaltest AGV is the industry leading all-makes solution for New Holland diagnostics needs. We will explore the main functionalities for one of the most common New Holland models: T7 Series. We will connect to different systems and show you key actions that we are able to perform. Moreover, we will show you useful techincal information, calibrations, maintenance actions and system checks, among others. 3/18/202111:00am EDT1 hour

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