October 1, 2019

Last Tuesday October 1, our colleagues from Cojali USA attended the ceremony of the IBEX INNOVATION AWARDS 2019, which took place at the IBEX show in Tampa, Florida.

The IBEX INNOVATION AWARDS showcase outstanding marine product development to the recreational boating industry. This event, which is organized by NMMA association, is one of the most distinctive and prestigious tributes in the sector that recognizes the work of manufacturers and suppliers who introduce innovative products to the market.

The diagnostic tool Jaltest Marine submitted its candidature, being awarded in the category of Boatyard and Marina Hardware and Software. This distinction recognizes the work and effort made by the whole team of Cojali for the development of the Industry-leading All-makes and All-models Diagnostic Solution for Inboard, Outboard & Stationary Engines and Watercrafts.

Jaltest MARINE delivers Outstanding Performance with a Software Coverage that is continuously improving, providing the possibility to service all vessel makes, especially diesel engines. Our approach is unique in this industry, with innovative solutions never seen before.
We outperform our competitors with all the technical information available such as wiring diagrams, troubleshooting guides, maintenance guides, system technical data. A management tool to create a customer and engine list, access all reports, create different users, assign work orders, and the best customer support in the industry, all of this in one tool.
Thank you to all of our team for all the hard work and see you next time!
Let’s sail the future together!

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