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  interview hosted by ForConstructionPros

Downtime and unexpected repairs are both the Achilles’ heel of construction and rental companies. What does it take to have all the company’s machinery and equipment in good shape every time it’s needed?

We are very excited to share with you the recent interview hosted by ForConstructionPros, American leader on News and Media for the construction industry where Bruno Gattamorta, VP of Sales and Marketing of Cojali USA talks about some of the most common issues that companies in this field deal with.

You will find our answers to the following questions:

  1. How can a diagnostic system streamline the repair and maintenance of construction machinery?
  2. Can the investment in a diagnostic system have a positive impact on a construction or rental company’s fleet maintenance budget?
  3. What types of aftermarket diagnostic systems are currently available in the construction industry and are they widely adopted and used by service technicians?
  4. What are the main pain points associated with repairing and maintaining construction equipment fleets? What are some of the most common obstacles that drive costs when repairing of maintaining the equipment?
  5. Downtime is the main enemy of any construction equipment fleet. How much time can be saved with the proper preventative maintenance plan? How can a diagnostic system further improve the uptime?
  6. What does Jaltest offer the fleet maintenance professional? Beyond simply reading diagnostic codes, what can you do with these diagnostic tools to improve efficiency?
  7. How can you validate the return on investment from a fleet diagnostics solution? How long does it typically take a contractor or rental house to earn a return on this investment?
  8. What type and size of contractors or rental companies could benefit from your diagnostics solution?
  9. How complicated is this tool for the technician? Does it require specialized training? What type of support do you provide the end user?
  10. Once the tool is purchased, what steps can the contractor or rental house take to ensure best results?

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