Jaltest Updates

Jaltest Updates

Cojali USA is always working to make sure your Jaltest Diagnostics tool is the industry’s best. With every Jaltest License of Use there are THREE FREE updates included. In order to avoid being caught off guard with a new update, we have decided not only to set up a pop-up in your software letting you know it’s available, but we have set a calendar.

Our updates come every four months, in mid-February, mid-June, and mid-October. With each new update, new brands are developed and added into the system, new coverage on systems and features, thousands of new electrical diagrams, technical information, new modules, and so much more. Make sure to download the latest version available and allow your shop to be with the best coverage and features available.

We provide 3 annual updates, through which you will be able to find new vehicle models, systems, functionalities, and technical information. Access the website www.jaltest.com with your Jaltest User ID (your email) and password and download the latest version available.


JALTEST DIAGNOSTICS | Jaltest CV software innovations 23.2


JALTEST DIAGNOSTICS | Jaltest AGV software innovations 23.2


JALTEST DIAGNOSTICS | Jaltest OHW software innovations 23.2

Material Handling Equipment

JALTEST DIAGNOSTICS | Jaltest MHE software innovations 23.2


JALTEST DIAGNOSTICS | Jaltest MARINE software innovations 23.2