Maintaining advanced driver assistance systems on heavy trucks:

A few decades ago, the generalization and efficiency of the use of ADAS technology in commercial vehicles might have seemed uncertain. However, today, we would not be discovering anything new by saying that the technology that has been successfully used in passenger vehicles for a few years is now a reality in commercial vehicles. Most manufacturers are installing factory ADAS systems such as AEB, lane-departure warning, lane-keeping assist or blind-zone detection, which work through a series of cameras, radars, and other sensors that are responsible for capturing and transmitting information to the driver in order to increase road safety and reduce the number of fatalities.

The main benefits that ADAS offers to fleets are clear: improved productivity and reduced costs by lessening the risk of injury to people and helping keep vehicles on the road.

Read on this article posted on Fleet Maintenance about how ADAS maintenance is being tackled in the commercial vehicle industry.


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