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Diagnostics solutions for All-Makes in One Tool.

INBOARD, OUTBOARD, WATERCRAFT AND STATIONARY ENGINES. Jaltest Marine Diagnostics is the one tool that gives you everything you need.

All Makes & All systems diagnostics and solutions. ONE TOOL? For real? Yes, you have just found JALTEST DIAGNOSTICS: the one tool that gives you all. Become a greater technician making diagnostics and providing solutions to any vessel and stationary engine in no time. Jaltest Marine Diagnostics goes beyond fault codes reading. Identify every ECM and find out what´s going on. Some of Jaltest Marine’s features are:

  • Injector coding
  • DTS calibration
  • Stationary DPF regens
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Technical Releases
  • Wiring diagrams

All of this under the same intuitive layout and from the same tool. Swap between systems without leaving your program. Look at the layout of your engine, be it inboard, outboard, watercraft, or a stationary and have it always look the same. Forget learning 10 different OEM Tools, become a pro with just one! Become a pro with Jaltest!

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Jaltest allows you to figure out what’s wrong with the vehicle, find out what system caused it, and continue to narrow down the repair process to the specific component that caused the fault and the actual pin on the ECM that you have to review.

At Jaltest, we are all for providing you with the right information right when you need it, right where you need it!

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