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Trucks have evolved to a level of technological development that you can’t fix a vehicle without a DIAGNOSTIC TOOL.

This is an INVESTMENT in the growth of your business

4+ reasons why you CAN afford this Diagnostics tool.

A $7,325 tool might sound like an indulgence, but considering the future of your business…

You might ask, how does a tool with that price pay for itself and make me money?


The  4+ Reasons How This Tool
Will Pay for Itself


Vehicle Health Reports

All you need is to connect the vehicle and run a 60-second scan. This first step helps drive the customer to commit to giving you the business. Dealers usually charge $200 – $350! Generate a report with your company logo and take your shop to the next level.


One Platform for all

Become an expert using ONE TOOL and avoid the renewal cost of the multiple software systems needed to cover every vehicle that enters your shop. Consolidate and SAVE on initial training and ongoing education for all your employees.


Advanced Functionalities

We have all the bi-directional controls you need: regens, resets, parameters change, injectors calibration, etc. But you can GO even FURTHER where only dealers could provide: copy the ECM configuration to a new one and save an average of $500!


More Money saving features

– Technical information included –
– Component replacement guides –
– Repair Times module –
– Wiring diagrams included –
– Component Operational values –

Let’s Break it Down!

a new source of income
that pays off for itself
its a lifetime tool

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