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Jaltest Diagnostics

Jaltest is the All-Makes & All-Systems diagnostics solution that helps you fix your equipment and reduce downtime! Be faster, more efficient, and solve every problem with only ONE tool.
If you can diagnose it, you can fix it! We are here to help.

jaltest diagostics in progress

Take on every MANITOU repair and be ready to expand your business!

No limits when it comes to your repairs.

At Jaltest we are continuously improving our coverage with more makes, systems and actions. We believe that a good diagnostics tool is not complete if there are actions you can’t perform with it.
Jaltest is able to reach repairs and maintenance that used to be exclusively on manufacturers’ hands. Reach everything and become more competitive!

GET THE LATEST ON DIAGNOSTICS! We will share relevant content with you like case studies, vlogs, webinars, training sessions, white papers, etc.

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Manitou is a great example of Jaltest coverage.

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Watch how Jaltest unlocks the load control system on a Manitou MT625H

Watch how Jaltest unlocks the load control system on a Manitou MT625H

Jaltest Off Highway is 80+ Construction & Machinery brands.

Key features on engines, transmissions, hydraulics, body computer, etc.

  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Calibrations
  • Parameters settings
  • System checks
  • Live Data
  • Technical information
  • Troubleshooting and more!
screen capture of off highway software diagnosis

Let’s get real and give Jaltest a try on a Demo with us.