Cojali-USA-RAR-Innovative-Product-Award Announcement


Working hard for industry advancements and getting recognition in the process! We are excited and honored to have received the Rental Equipment Registers Innovative Award for our newest member in the Jaltest Diagnostics Family, Jaltest Material Handling Equipment.

Jaltest MHE has found a niche of customers that had an unsolved need, the ability to diagnose and repair forklifts, material handling equipment, and aerial lifts. With core focus on the important elements such as the engine and hydraulic systems, this tool allows you to own your maintenance and repair activities and increase uptime of your operations.

When we look at the list of winners, it feels great to be along industry leaders like Volvo CE, JLG, and Genie, precisely the core brands that Jaltest MHE solves diagnostics problems for. A great start to a great product.

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For the full list of winners, please click here.

Product video:

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