Main features of Jaltest AGV in AGCO Group equipment: Massey Ferguson 7700, Challenger MT 500D & Fendt 900 Vario. - US

7/28/20213:00pm EDT1 hour
AGCO Group is one of the main players in the US and Canadian agricultural equipment market. We will show you the differences between three models of their main makes: Massey Fergusson, Challenger & Fendt and how to help you repair your tractors. You will learn how easy and intuitive it is for you to use JALTEST AGV to scan fault codes, guide you through the process of finding out what the fault code is about, then we will let you know which component is related with it and its pinout in the wiring diagram. Afterwards, we will show you key maintenance resets, how to perform a DPF regen, how to calibrate your transmission and hydraulic systems, and how to make the best use of our technical information. Remember, we always keep you moving!