A walkthrough the Jaltest coverage on the top used models in the US: Compact track loaders, Skid Steers, Excavators, Wheel - US

12/10/202011:00am EST1 hour
In this webinar, we will show you how JALTEST DIAGNOSTICS can help users to become more independent and increase their ROI.

Learn more on how Jaltest can impact the financial health of your business: https://www.cojaliusa.com/jaltest-roi/

Marcos Obispo, Sales and Training Manager, will be the team member imparting this webinar. Covering the North American On-Highway and Off-Highway Vehicles´ diagnostics market, Marcos has gained experienced by visiting customers across the country with different needs and profiles as well as through the support given to customer support team, always aiming to provide the best possible customer experience to every Jaltest user.