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COJALI, innovating for more than 25 years

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COJALI, innovating for more than 25 years

COJALI, mother company of the COJALI Group, was born in 1991 with the goal of providing a technological boost in all the aspects of spare parts for commercial vehicles. With this purpose, it began its journey with the manufacture and development of cooling systems, braking systems, servo clutches and automatic levers of original quality, that is, an alternative product with equal or better efficacy than the original product.

This spirit of innovation makes its growth exponential and, in the following years, it will expand the references mentioned above, increasing the ranges of said products, including viscous fan clutchesi, fan clutchesi with bimetallic control, valves with electro-pneumatic control, etc.

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Consecutively, new goals are being achieved, one of them was the achievement of regulation ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) certified by IQ-Net (The International Certificate Network). Immediately, the technological projects of the JalTest diagnosis tool are addressed or, for instance, the viscous fan clutches with electronic control.

A few years later, the JalTest diagnosis tool comes to life, along with a complete plan that includes training and technical assistance. Nowadays, we are still committed to this plan because since then, it has been a distinguishing factor and has turned JalTest into the most important Multibrand Diagnosis Global Solution for commercial vehicles in the European continent.

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The vicous fan clutches with electronic control appears along with other developments within the scope of electronics applied to electro-pneumatic valves.This is yet another one of the important points of the R+D+i deparment which is reasserted thanks to the UNE 166002 R+D+i Management system certification awarded by the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification (AENOR).

In this regard, the electronics laboratory has been created, responsible for the design and development of brake components with electronic control such as the e-ABS ECU for trailers and semi-trailers. In addition to many other developments such as the reconditioning of ECUs and EBS and ABS modules.

Currently, COJALI is a brand established in more than 90 countries all over the world, and this brings the confidence and commitment that the product being exported has the highest guarantee and quality, and this is certified by COJALI.

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