Technician diagnosing with Jaltest

Diagnostics tools are a technician’s sidekick

At 10 minutes before closing time, the last truck of the day comes in. It is a Volvo from one of the local fleets, a larger company that normally takes its business elsewhere. You are surprised, but you go check it out. This could be a great opportunity to take on some of their business.

The problem turns out to be an aftertreatment issue. Your shop never works on Volvo trucks because you do not have the right tools. This was your opportunity to bring the customer in, but you have to reply: “I’m sorry, we don’t have the tools to work on a Volvo. You can head down to the dealer for them to check it out.” Just like that, an opportunity is lost. Maybe next time you will have the right tools.

Today, virtually every vehicle system is electronic or controlled by electronics. The days when trucks could be fixed without computers are gone, as are those where a shop could survive with just two or three OEM diagnostic platforms to repair most of the issues in the area. The industry has changed, and mixed fleets have increased, so why not change with it? Maybe it is time to give this some thought.

When we look at the field of repair, there is more and more complexity and, therefore, more confusion, frustration, and ultimately, many hours lost. Therefore finding an ally is key.

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