LAS VEGAS, March 10, 2020 – Cojali Group, leading company in the development of diagnostics software and technological solutions for commercial vehicles, agricultural and construction machinery, will be exhibiting at CONEXPO-CONAGG 2020 main meeting point for the most outstanding Construction Fleet Professionals, Vehicle Manufactures and Component Suppliers to the Construction Machinery Industry, that takes place in Las Vegas, NV, USA, March 10-14. Visit the booth at the Bronze Hall #B92108.

In this edition, Cojali presents the path to the future, the latest innovations of Jaltest OHW Diagnostics, its All-Makes diagnostics tool, as well as the different vertical solutions of Jaltest Telematics, taking the diagnostics process from the shop to the machine.

Some of the most significant innovations are:

Presentation of Jaltest OHW (Off-Highway):

  • In an industry controlled by dealer services, Jaltest OHW is the solution to give the shop independence. Forget the costs of the dealer coming out to service a machine, it’s about the down time and the independence.
  • Jaltest OHW, the first true All Makes Solution to the Off-Highway market covers anything from a skid steer to an excavator or a loader, passing by a generator or a telehandler. If it’s used to move land, build, elevate, or transfer material off of the road, Jaltest OHW has it covered.
  • Read Codes, Clear Codes, Wiring Diagrams, Bi-Directional controls, Calibrations (hydraulic systems, Engine Injectors, Transmissions, etc.) and implement adjustments are just some of the key features you can perform with Jaltest.

Presentation of the New Link V9:

  • Impact absorption: Design with rugged covering that cushions small bumps, protects against scratches and enables the seal closure of the device, preventing the inlet of dirt and water (IP40).
  • Compact and light: Reduced weight, 76% less than the previous version. It offers the possibility of attaching a lanyard to facilitate the use and carry of the device.
  • Resistant core: Polycarbonate core with high resistance to impacts and high temperatures.
  • USB protection and ease of connection: Both the connectors and the new cables have been designed to guarantee an easy and safe connection, as well as to cushion bumps and prevent the need for repairs.
  • Ready for the future:
    • Integrated Bluetooth.
    • Double RAM memory vs. industry standards.
    • 4 CAN channels.
    • Dual BUS reading capacity.
    • Larger number of supported communication protocols.

Launch of the 1 Version of Jaltest OHW software. Jaltest All-Makes diagnostics tool for Off Highway machines not only maintains its position as the best All-Makes diagnostics tool for Construction Vehicles, but in this 20.1 software version presents a slick new design, with an improved UI (User Interface) with all the great coverage improvements it has you used to:

  • Coverage in more than 200 brands.
  • 4,744 models.
  • 17,168 systems.
  • 4,795 Technical information.
  • 4,076 Wiring Diagrams.

The power of Jaltest resides in the top of the line coverage, best in the industry, as well as being “More than just Diagnostics”. Jaltest Info, growing version after version, includes the key to repairs with Step-by-Step Troubleshooting Trees, Troubleshooting by systems, in essence, a route to a successful repair.

Presentation of the NEW User Interface.

  • Fast installation and handling: Optimized software to reduce the installation and update time, as well as to respond rapidly in all processes.
  • Customizable: Responsive design for all screen types and sizes. It enables to configure the shortcuts, customize the working area and define the visualization according to the user needs.
  • Everything in one single display: It offers the user all the information they need in one single display. It enables to visualize the maximum number of functions, search options, minimize screens, etc.
  • Elegant design with brighter colors: Clean, minimalist and elegant design developed to favor the visualization of graphics, icons and colors.

Launch of Remote Diagnostics with Jaltest T-VOD

  • Plug & Play Installation.
  • Control the vehicles measurements in real time.
  • Adjust your dashboard to maximize data reading.
  • Control your KPI’s, reduce downtime, and increase your ROI.
  • Launch parked DPF Regenerations remotely as well as DPF Resets.
  • Soon to come to the Construction Industry.

Launch of its new OEM Solutions business line with which Cojali wants to provide its OEM clients with technological products, technical support and training, all of this customized and adapted to their needs. In conclusion, a group of solutions that seeks to actively involve its clients in all design processes and manufacturing areas as:

  • Diagnostics and Telematics
  • Cooling Systems
  • Electronics
  • Big Data

Finally, it is noted that Jaltest has recently received several market recognitions, among them:

  • 2020 – AG Expo Innovation Award (Jaltest AGV).
  • 2019 – PTEN Innovation Awards Winner (Jaltest CV).
  • 2019 – Ibex Innovation Awards Winner (Jaltest Marine).
  • 2020 – Unfortunately there is no Construction Industry prize (Jaltest OHW).

Cojali is located in the Bronze Hall at B92108, at the Las Vegas Convention Center and invites all the assistants to visit its stand to know all the innovations first-hand. Pass by the booth and see a demo and ask about the future in diagnostics and participate in the raffle of a FREE Microsoft Surface.

About Cojali Group

COJALI is a Spanish multinational manufacturer of components, diagnostics and telematics solutions with diagnostics cloud for commercial and agricultural vehicles, special machinery and vessels. Based in Campo de Criptana, Cojali has more than 25 years of experience. In Cojali Group, there are different brands such as: COFAN (industry supply), JALTEST (diagnostic equipment and telematics solutions with diagnosis cloud), COJALI (manufacture of braking systems and cooling components) and all of this with the best service, thanks to the human team that makes up all the companies of the group. Today, COJALI is a consolidated brand in more than 100 countries around the world. This provides confidence and commitment that the manufactured product has the maximum guarantee and quality. For further information, visit

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